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Printing Anilox

Clean your anilox rolls safely with no chemicals

Extend the life of your rolls with ARMEX© brand baking soda that is specially designed to clean anilox and laminating rolls. Soda Blasting will not damage the rolls and will not shorten the life of the roll. Call us to order your own Capatch volume testing strips to discover if your rolls are plugged.

Kelso Restoration’s closed-vac method is environmentally friendly and free of hazardous chemicals. Our high standards mean that we make sure you are satisfied with our results. Using soft, gentle baking soda particles delivered with 25-30 psi of compressed air aimed directly at the bottom of the cell through a unique nozzle, the baking soda is able to remove the ink buildup from the bottom of the cell and the walls, restoring the cells to their maximum volume.


Your rolls stay on your press and we do all the work. Kelso Restoration will work around your downtime either during the week or on the weekend. This service is popular for jumbo rollers and large presses. This service works just as well for smaller rollers and presses, especially difficult to remove coating and glue rollers. We will test the rolls before and after with our Capatch volume testers.


Companies can also choose to have us clean their rolls off-press at our facility. Upon receipt of your roll, we will have it cleaned, re-crated and on its way back to you in 24-48 hours. We can accept both small and large rollers at our shop. We will test your rolls before and after with Capatch volume testers.

Order your Capatch Disposable Volume Tester

In the printing industry, regularly testing the volume of your anilox or full coating Gravure roll is crucial for preventing production losses. Capatch is a one-time tool that works by contact with the roll.