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Industrial Plants & Parts

industrial blasting

Remove process residue through on-site maintenance

Build up on your equipment can be costly and time consuming to remove. Without harsh chemicals, Kelso Restoration can blast around sensitive control equipment with no resulting damage. Our cleaning can be accomplished during work hours.

Industrial part cleaning methods could include water blasting, needle guns and hand scraping. These methods are extremely time consuming and only moderately successful. Examples of our industrial part work include stripping paint, grease, dirt and corrosion from stainless steel, iron pipe, steel I-beams, brass and galvanized beams, glass in control boxes, flow gauges.

At petrochemical plants – dirt, grease and rust accumulate on a variety of surfaces, including tanks, piping, motors, steel pumps and concrete flowing. Sand blasting can be too strong for aluminum jacketing, pumps and motors. On pipes and tanks, sand blasting takes off the dirt, but also the paint – requiring the plant to repaint whole pieces of machinery. Soda blasting is environmentally friendly and the work can be done during work hours. It is non-sparking, non-toxic and water soluble for easy cleanup and disposal. The blast media can wash directly into the plant’s wastewater treatment system.