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Automobile Restoration

Restoration of Automobiles

Some jobs are just too tough for soap and elbow grease, and that's when you need abrasive (media) blasting. A wheel damaged by road salt and brake dust, a rusty spring on a vintage car. Blasting can strip paint without damaging the base material, as long as you know the correct media to use. Using the wrong media can result in flash corrosion, which can occur when moisture in the air rapidly oxidizes a newly exposed piece of metal. You don't want your shiny new surface to vanish under a fresh coat of corrosion. Let Kelso Restoration put our expertise to work on your car restoration project to guarantee it is done right!

Abrasive blasting uses pressurized air to shoot tiny pieces of material (media) out of a nozzle to strip off the surface. It's kind of like pressure washing, only at lower pressures and with projectiles that are a lot more abrasive than water. Keep your car intact. We use abrasive blasting media that is less aggressive than sand or glass bead, and it is much easier on sensitive parts like carburetors and aluminum castings. While easier on softer materials, we also have to be mindful of removing heavy rust. Calcium carbonate, non-silica sand or crushed glass are traditionally the preferred blasting media for oxidized steel and iron. Alternative media, such as limestone, is great for removing scale, grime, chemical stains like fuel, carbon, paint, and unfortunate coatings. We leave your car or truck smooth and ready for painting. Safe on glass as well as moving and non-moving parts.