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Graffiti Removal

graffiti removal

Quickly remove paint, coatings and graffiti

Kelso Restoration can't prevent graffiti from appearing on your structure or in your neighborhood; however, we do have the solution to remove it and are ready to respond immediately. Through our fleet of trucks, we offer a non-toxic, water-soluble, biodegradable and MTO approved graffiti cleaning system that is easy on the environment and highly effective — giving cities, property managers and building owners a powerful tool in the fight against graffiti.

Graffiti sends the signal that nobody cares, attracting other forms of crime and street delinquency to the neighborhood and decreasing a resident’s feeling of safety. Communities with graffiti see a decrease in property values and a loss of business growth and tourism. Cleaning up graffiti drains tax dollars and funds that could be used for other community improvements, such as parks, roads, and schools. The most effective way to prevent graffiti is to report it and remove it promptly. Studies show that removal within 24 to 48 hours results in a nearly zero rate of reoccurrence. Graffiti affects everyone and all areas. You can do something about graffiti: Report it, remove it, prevent it.

Soda blasting provides a non-damaging, cost-efficient alternative to conventional methods of removing graffiti, which can be difficult and costly. Because it is a non-abrasive media, soda blasting can be used to safely remove graffiti on brick, sandstone, marble, glass and other surfaces without pitting the surface. The addition of a wet blasting nozzle provides a nearly dust-free method of cleaning. You can also read more about soda blasting in this link on our FAQ page: What is soda blasting and why would you do it?