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Petrochemical Plants

Photo by Fancycrave on Unsplash

Save on maintenance and extend the life of your filters and equipment

Abrasive blasting will clean the cracks and crevices in hard to reach places and behind curves. Coatings will last longer and there will be less maintenance. Soda blasting can clean faster and better than harsh solvents and hand cleaning. The alternative of water blasting will remove process residue but not the fine film.

Many refineries use Johnson screens to filter the petrochemical product during processing. Over time, the platinum catalyst used in the process builds up on these wire screens and has to be removed to ensure filtering efficiency.

Tech screen stainless steel screens, each 50 feet and 5 – 6 foot in diameter.

Soda blasting results: Screens are thoroughly cleaned – with visual evidence. The cleaner screens allowed for longer intervals between plant shutdowns and better filtering.

Rotating Equipment

Kelso Restoration will use the right abrasive media solution to clean faster and better than solvents and hand cleaning. With abrasive blasting, we can clean in the cracks and crevices and those hard to reach places and behind curves. The new coating will last longer and will require less maintenance in the future.

Soda blasting media is non-sparking, non-toxic and water soluble. Used media can be rinsed off with water and flushed into the plant’s wastewater treatment facility. Soda will not harm bearings and is ideal for use on virtually any type of pump or motor. We also use very little water – as little as one-half gallon per minute.