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What We Remove

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What We Remove

Abrasive blasting is a process in which sand, glass beads, baking soda or some other media is shot at high speed through a machine across the surface of a hard material until it is sanded smooth. Abrasive blasting is often done to remove a previous finish on an item, to remove rust, or to prepare a surface to receive a new coat of paint. The kind of media used to blast the surface depends on how difficult the removal is and how much impact the material can withstand. You would always start with a gentle media and work your way up. The terms “sandblasting” and “abrasive blasting” are sometimes used interchangeably. However, sand contains silica, which is known to cause serious respiratory illnesses for workers involved in the sandblasting process. Additionally, sand contains a high moisture content that can lead to the premature demise of blasting equipment, so it is generally not recommended for use in abrasive blasting. Soda blasting is an excellent alternative for many projects.

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Abrasive blasting applications include the removal of

We provide abrasive blasting with a wide spectrum of media including those listed below


Abrasive blasting is an effective way to remove paint from a variety of surfaces though it can be a messy and potentially hazardous job. Knowing the right applications for the technique is the key to getting the results you want.

Surface Rust

Abrasive blasting, which is the process of using specialized machinery to project or “shoot” media at high speed across a hard surface, can be ideal for removing old finishes. It can also power away rust or prepare the surface for painting.


Abrasive blasting is an effective method for the rapid removal of heavy or tightly adhereing scale, and it is usually employed as a preliminary step to acid pickling on stainless steel. It is fast and may result in significant savings.


Abrasive blasting can remove paint layer by layer, so you can remove graffiti effectively even from painted surfaces like metal or wood signs. An experienced blaster will result in no damage to the structure or surface being cleaned of graffiti.


Corrosion is the natural deterioration that results when a surface reacts with its environment. Abrasive blasting removes oxidization by colliding with the surface at a high rate of speed, leaving behind only the good steel.


Abrasive blasting is the high-pressure propulsion of a stream of abrasive material which serves many surface finishing purposes, such as removing contaminants or previous coatings, altering the shape and smoothing or roughening the surface.

Soot & Odour

Abrasive blasting can be used on everything from wood to brick to remove soot & smell from smoke damage and fire charring. The process offers a quick turn around time and peace of mind that the structure will not be compromised.