Pavement Marking Line Removal

pavement line removal

New road projects involving traffic re-alignment can mean traffic markings need to be removed, whether temporary lines painted during construction or old markings from before the re-alignment. Unless these markings are properly removed, drivers can become confused between the current traffic configuration and previous markings. This confusion is most likely to occur while travelling on wet roadways or driving towards the setting sun. This can result in traffic accidents causing serious injury - or even worse - a fatality. MTO approved abrasive blasting can easily remove driver confusion with minimum impact to the asphalt surface, and it gradually fades back into the surrounding asphalt.

We can handle any size abrasive blasting pavement marking removal project and take care of both paint and thermoplastic removal. We carry at least one spare machine for emergency situations. Whether it is a small intersection or parking lot improvement or a huge highway or shopping centre improvement, we can take care of the job for you. We are a member of The Road Authority and use MTO approved equipment, methods and blast media.

With offices in Milton and Ottawa, we are happy to service not only the Greater Toronto area and eastern Ontario, but also the entire of Ontario and beyond. Give us a call today.