Cleaning Food Equipment

Food processing equipment cleaning

Soda blast food manufacturing equipment for optimum cleaning. It is CFIA and FDA approved food grade, non toxic media.

Kelso cleans food manufacturing equipment for a number of clients who require a surface that is smooth, clean and approved for food processing requirements. We often provide a blast brush for food equipment prior to shipping to the end-user.

Soda blasting is commonly used in the food processing industry as an alternative to traditional cleaning systems. Food plants have many cleaning challenges such as heavy duty processing equipment, conveyor belts, plant floors and walls. Pressure washers do not effectively clean food contact surfaces, they simply act as a high impact rinse. Most scrub brushes and cleansers only partially clean the surface of equipment and require the use of harsh (and sometimes dangerous) chemicals. Soda blasting, however, uses an FDA/USDA/CFIA and Kosher approved cleaning media (baking soda) in a high-pressure machine to thoroughly clean any surface without damaging the substrate.

Sodium bicarbonate blasting is a revolutionary concept that strips and cleans all surfaces in a fraction of the time normally required and fits the needs of any HACCP/SSOP program.

  • Clean CFIA/FDA/USDA inspected areas.
  • Clean rotating equipment without paint removal.
  • Clean areas where residual contamination cannot be tolerated.
  • Clean grease, oil, process residue or paint from rotating equipment.
  • Clean grease, oil or process residue from tanks, hoppers, vats or tote bins.
  • Remove grease and fats in packing plant equipment and work areas.
  • Clean ceramic tile and mildew from grouting.
  • Clean ventilation systems.
  • Clean cooling towers without having to drain or seal off cooling tower water.
  • Inspect weld seams without causing crack closure.
  • Clean conveyor belts, floors and walls.
  • Speed up maintenance turnarounds.
  • Clean heat exchangers.
  • Avoid shutdowns.
  • Protect seals, bearings and rubber gaskets.
  • Clean TEFC-rated motors.

What are the benefits of Soda Blasting in the food industry?

Soda Blasting is a ONE step process. Baking soda is an A1 degreaser allowing for quick cleaning in the food industry. Benefits include:

  • No pre-degreasing, pre-washing or pre-heating.
  • No manual scraping.
  • No damage and no pitting of metal.
  • Food grade material used.
  • Safely prevent bacterial growth without hazardous chemicals.
  • Protect the health of workers.
  • Sodium bicarbonate is non-hazardous to workers, even in confined areas, and the solubility of baking soda allows for easy clean up.

We also provide restoration services for (or see Industries We Serve):

What We Offer

Media we use We provide abrasive blasting with a wide spectrum of environmentally safe products and can advise you on the best solution for your requirements.
Surfaces we clean Our cleaning methods are effective for cleaning the interior and exterior of all types of surfaces including steel, masonry, machinery and much more.
What we remove We can remove almost anything: paint, surface rust, scale, graffiti, corrosion, contaminants, fire damage (black soot and ordour), grease, grit and sludge.
Industries we serve We service all industries including auto restoration, fire and mold restoration, food equipment, graffiti removal, pavement marking and line removal and more.
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