Our Mission

We reduce the life cycle cost of maintaining your critical infrastructure.

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One of the challenges of any company is their ability to manage the business in a professional and respectful manner, with consideration for all aspects of their activities. Kelso’s Mission Statement simply states our business principles.

With this level of commitment, it is clear why you should consider the Kelso Industrial Group family - Kelso Restoration or Kelso Coatings - when you need an industrial contractor specializing in abrasive blasting and/or the application of protective coatings and protective linings for industry. We will work hard to meet your needs on your schedule for the best price around.

♦ Our purpose is to bring value to our customers by helping them select the correct product for their environment after listening and consulting with them.

♦ Our approach is to assign trained workmen experienced in the application of protective coatings and in the use of abrasive blasting to meet our customers’ needs.

♦ Our mission is to use the best technology to get the work done safely and efficiently for lasting results.

♦ Our hope is to result in satisfied customers that request to work with us again and again.

Kelso is proud to provide non-toxic and environmentally friendly products and services to you, our customers. We believe protecting our environment is as important as protecting our infrastructure assets. By providing excellent service to meet our customers’ quality requirements and strict time lines, we ensure that our customer service is second to none.

Why Choose Us

Kelso Restoration We offer a complete line of abrasive blasting finishes on all types of surfaces including glass, wood, brick, concrete, steel, rebar and stucco.
Kelso Coatings We help you extend the lifespan and lower the cost of ownership by providing quality waterproofing for your every need.
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