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Cement and Concrete Composites (Elsevier, April 9, 2015)

The deterioration of concrete structures due to the corrosion of reinforcing steel is currently a major concern in North America. This study from the Department of Civil Engineering at Queens University addresses corrosion protection coatings.

Restoring a gem (Beacon Herald, by Scott Wishart)

Downtown livery stable built in 1865 being meticulously refurbished to see new life as condominium residences in city core. Kelso Restoration removed 31 layers of paint from the building during the restoration project.

Blasting weeds away with grit (SeedQuest, by Rossie Izlar)

The timeless struggle against weeds is especially tough for organic farmers, who avoid using highly concentrated toxic herbicides in favour of chemical-free methods like hand-pulling, soil tillage, and scorching. These methods are time-consuming and expensive, and they tend to be less efficient than standard herbicides. Fortunately, the war on weeds has a new non-chemical weapon to add to its arsenal: a machine that obliterates weeds by "blasting" them with grit.

Kelso Coatings: The Next Generation of Water Proofing Solutions (Canadian Business Journal)

Kelso Coatings is a Canadian company offering revolutionary products for lasting waterproofing of concrete structures, with exclusive distribution rights to a breakthrough product in waterproofing solutions. Established in 2006 as Revolutionary Concrete Solutions, Kelso Coatings’ CN2000® waterproofing solutions product is nothing short of revolutionary and is changing the way private and public infrastructure owners approach infrastructure maintenance.

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