Properties of Rehabilicrete

The two-part concrete repair and restoration system.

RehabiliCRETE, a two-component concrete repair and restoration system, is a polymer-modified cementitious fast-setting finish coat. Best used as a hard top finish for concrete repairs, for thin coats, for parging, filling bugholes, honeycombing and for feather edging.


Compressive Strength

4 hour - 5.4 MPa (787.5 psi)
24 hour - 23 MPa (3340.2 psi)
3 day – 31 MPa (4510.7 psi)
7 day – 35.5 MPa (5147 psi)
28 day – 41 MPa (5943 psi)
Tested to applicable ASTM standards


4.96 MPa (719.1 psi)
Tested to applicable ASTM standards

Shear Bond

30.91 MPa (4483.22 psi)
Tested to applicable ASTM standards

(Properties listed above can be plus or minus 10%)

Average coverage

Unit Kit Yield 11.9 L or 0.42 cu3. One 20kg (44 lb) Dry B bag mixed with Liquid A troweled at 3.18mm (1/8″) is minimum 3.34 sq m (36 sq ft). Maximum thickness is 15.4 cm (6″) in 5 cm (2″) increments/lifts

Pot life

15-20 minutes at 20ºC (68ºF) after adding Dry B to Liquid A and mixing for both trowel and spray mix

Working time

Initial working/set time is 20 – 40 minutes at 20ºC (68ºF). Only mix amount to be used before set time begins

How to use

RehabiliCRETE 150 is designed to adhere to most surfaces including concrete and best when a thin overlay topcoat is desired

Use conventional tools; trowel, brush, roll-on, sponge, squeegee or spray. Variable slump consistency up to a slurry can be obtained with different mix ratios

What We Offer

What is CN2000®? CN2000® concrete waterproofing was originally developed for the Atomic Nuclear Industry and National Defense in China.
Where is CN2000® used? From subway stations to swimming pools; from bridge structures to every kind of foundation; from power stations to water treatment plants and much more.
Why CN2000®? CN2000® is non-toxic, durable, cost effective and approved for use from the Ontario Provincial Standards (OPS) – Products Management Committee (PMC).
How CN2000® works CN2000® creates a crystalline waterproofing barrier by becoming an integral part of the concrete substrate.
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