Life Cycle Cost Analysis

The five times law.

Engineers describe the importance of the durability design of concrete structures utilizing "the five-times law." If one dollar is saved from the cost which should be applied for the protection of reinforced concrete in design then, when steel bars are found to be corroded, the repair measure needs the additional cost of $5.00. When the surface of the concrete shows cracks along the bar, the required repair needs $25.00. After serious decay and damage to structures are discovered, the required repair or replacement measure needs $125.00.

Now let’s take the salt harm to the bridge as an example of the impact on the structure’s life cycle.

CN2000® savings

Average cost savings using CN2000® as a protective coating, over the 60 year lifespan of a bridge structure.

LCCA with CN2000®

The above tables illustrate that under salt prevalent environmental conditions, should the surface of the concrete structure not have any protective measure applied, necessary repairs will be required in less than twelve years.

Although the initial repair costs are minimal, over a period of 60 years this structure will have been repaired six times and the total accumulated costs will have totalled over six times the original costs that were invested to build the structure (statistical figures for American bridges is four times).

When a structure is coated with CN2000B® as a protective shield, even if the structure requires repairs every ten years, the total accumulated costs will only equal one quarter of the original investment for a structure without a waterproofing installation. A CN2000® application results in maintenance savings of more than 70% compared to no coating at all. This does not take into consideration the added structural longevity that can be achieved with the application of CN2000B®.

block diagram protection of concrete structure

What We Offer

What is CN2000®? CN2000® concrete waterproofing was originally developed for the Atomic Nuclear Industry and National Defense in China.
Where is CN2000® used? From subway stations to swimming pools; from bridge structures to every kind of foundation; from power stations to water treatment plants and much more.
Why CN2000®? CN2000® is non-toxic, durable, cost effective and approved for use from the Ontario Provincial Standards (OPS) – Products Management Committee (PMC).
How CN2000® works CN2000® creates a crystalline waterproofing barrier by becoming an integral part of the concrete substrate.
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